Aesthetically pleasing stationery

I am an ardent stationery collector/hoarder — when I was little the most exciting thing about going back to school after the holidays was getting new stationery and a new pencil case and that feeling never left me. I'm at university now and even though it's an online course (and most of my work is done on a computer) I still have a well-stocked stash. I have every pen, pencil, sketch pad and sticky note you could ever want or need.

I've featured a few stationery pieces below for your shopping pleasure.

Katie Leamon Luxury Pencil Set from White Black Grey, £12.50 — I love these classy pencils. Just what a desk needs for a touch of elegance.

School of Life Night Thoughts Journal from Papersmiths, £16.50 — A journal for jotting down thoughts, ideas, memos, worries and aspirations.

Mobiüs & Ruppert Triple Pencil Sharpener from Pencil Me In, £3.00 — A nifty German-designed sharpener made of hardy metal.

17 Century Large Drawing Paper Sketch Pad from Choosing Keeping, £35.00 — This magnificent acid free, museum grade paper is made from leftover linen from the textile industry. 

Irojiten Colour Dictionary (i) Deep Tone (ii) from Present & Correct, £22.50 — These Irojiten coloured pencils are possibly the most beautiful in the world. 

Luxury Correspondence Notecard Set from Quill London, £24.00 — Lovely minimal notecards perfect for letter-writing lovers.

Milan 430 Eraser from Nook, £1.00 — Milan erasers are a must-have. I wouldn't use any other brand!

Kaweco Frosted Sport Ballpoint Pen from Wild Acre, £16.00 — Obsessed with this frosted pink ballpoint. Very cute and cheerful.

Large Sticky Memos from Counter Print, £5.50 — I love stationery with some character. These sweet memos with little faces will brighten up any office. They come in fun colours too.