About Kate

Hi, my name is Kate and I'm a 25 year old interior design student from North Nottinghamshire/South Yorkshire, UK.

I began my interior design journey in 2018 when I applied to do a diploma in Professional Interior Design with the National Design Academy. I'd done five months of Creative Writing at York St John University in 2015 but dropped out due to numerous reasons
. It took a few years of contemplation and reflection to realise that I was on the wrong path and needed a big change. Hello, interior design! I've loved interior design for many years but never saw it as something I could do for a living until I came across online courses at the NDA which I'm forever grateful for. I'm currently studying for a degree with them which I am due to graduate in 2022.

My personal taste in interiors is a blend of traditional and contemporary. I like hardy materials like brass and wood, and I love pretty much every colour under the sun. I enjoy a healthy dose of pattern, velvet and plant life.

I have 10+ years experience using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint; 10+ years experience writing and blogging; 10+ years experience using social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter; Ability to touch type at 100 words per minute; Ability to produce professional mood boards and presentations; Basic technical drawing skills; Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS; 5+ years working in a close-knit team.